What is Health Care Insurance ?

What is Health Care Insurance ?

Health care insurance is just another name of health insurance in which an individual pay for health care for himself or his family. Basically the concept of health care insurance is similar to other type of insurance. At the time of taking medical services many people face financial problem due to high medical fee and medicine prices.

To reduce this financial worry government and other financial institutes including privates has start offering the health insurance. In health insurance you pay an agree amount on a certain interest rate to your insurance company and in return he pay the certain amount of your medical expenses and yes, it could be whole expense too in some case.

In some countries like United Kingdom or Canada health insurance is considered as a basic human right and human need. The government in these country pay for health care insurance. Even in some third world countries like Pakistan and India, there are special government hospitals and clinics has been build for free health care services.

Sadly the country like America, the medical is not free and comparatively expense. So, we have to care about our health by own and plan for future health expense right now. For this purpose the majority of Americans prefer to purchase health care insurance plan so they could eliminate the worries at the time of medical emergency.

So, what does a health care includes? Well, it’s depending on you the type of plan you have. A typical health insurance plan covers the following things:

  • Doctor fee including dental and vision doctor etc.
  • Monthly or yearly physical examinations (Depend on the age and doctor advice)
  • Some insurance plan also cover screening for cancer and all the cancer related routine tests e.g. PSA test
  • Maternity and infant care related expenses
  • Hospitalization including surgery and complex operations
  • Vaccinations
  • Different type of screenings like blood pressure and cholesterol etc
  • Emergency services and there are more

It does all depend on the health care insurance plan and policy you has chosen at the time of selecting one. Basically when you visit to insurance agent he will offer you different insurance plans and also suggest to some of them according to your need.

A good insurance provider also takes a quick overview of your personal life before suggesting you a plan. Age, gender, place you are living and lot of other factor count at the time when you are selecting an health insurance plan for yourself and your family.

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