General Liability Insurance Coverage

General Liability Insurance Coverage

Do you know there is a type of insurance which can protect you from variety of claims?

I am talking about General liability insurance which is a coverage that protect you from personal injury, property damage bodily injury and other type of injuries arising for you nature of your business and its operation.

Insurance is a good way to protect your future damages by doing small extra efforts today but in general liability insurance coverage you can protects your business against third party claims of bodily injury and damage of someone else property.

It is a misconception that general liability insurance is only for small business and their owners but this is not true. You need to be a owner or a home owner to take advantage of general liability insurance coverage. Being both would be best in term of protecting your business and life as well.

So, what does general liability insurance policy covers?

Here is the list of things which could be claim under general liability insurance

Bodily injury: You can claim for the injury of your client if he got hurt at your place e.g. office or business site.

Third party property: Did you or your employee damage the asset of third party and you are worried about the cost? Don’t worry because you can claim the cost through general liability insurance.

Medical expenses: Your works are insured but what about the accident of anyone else at your place? You can claim for someone else other than your employee injuries.

Defense costs: In case if you have been sued by one of your competitor or client the general liability insurance will cover the cost of your layer. It will not affect your limit of liability.

Unintentional use of others idea: You like the idea of advertisement but not sure if it is property of someone or not? Don’t worry because in case if you got sued for stealing the idea the liability insurance will protect you for huge claims as copyright.

It is true that this insurance will protect you from so many of bad things but it will not protect you from criminal acts or the act of crime done with intention.

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