Medicare Insurance in USA

Medicare Insurance in USA

In USA the federal government runs the Medicare insurance program to help the old citizens of the country. To qualify for this insurance you have to be 65 years old. But anyone under 65 could also enroll for Medicare insurance too after full filling some requirements.

The Medicare insurance program is divided in four different parts. A person can get all of them at a same time or part A and part B separately while for plan C you have to eligible for part A and B both at a same time while anyone who own any of these three part would be automatically eligible for the part D of Medicare insurance.

Let’s take a deep look to these four parts of Medicare insurance in USA:

  • Part A: Hospital Insurance
  • Part B: Medical Insurance
  • Part C: Medicare Advantage Plans
  • Part D: Prescription Drug Plans

Part A: Hospital Insurance

As the name shows this part of Medicare Insurance in USA covers hospital cost including inpatient stays, food and all the costs related to tests and room. Typically the time period is 90 days after that the insurance does not apply on any further hospital expenses.

Part B: Medical Insurance

Anything related to medical cost which does not cover under part A come to part B. For example cost of purchasing medicine and other medical expenses if you are not staying in hospital. Services like nursing, X-rays, diagnostic tests and blood transfusions come under part B of Medicare insurance in USA.

Part C: Medicare Advantage Plans

This part of Medicare insurance in USA is not for every. You cannot have it alone. To qualify for part C have to eligible for both part A and part B. Part C of Medicare insurance is somehow the combination of both parts A and B with some extra Medicare advantages. Eye care, hearing care, Doctor Visits, lap tests and everything covered in part B come under Medicare advantage plans. Part C also covered services like hospital stay and home health care.

Part D: Prescription Drug Plans

Anyone who is eligible for part A, B or C automatically become eligible for part D. Basically this part of Medicare insurance in USA cover the cost of pharmaceutical drugs as per doctor prescription. Mostly such kind of medicines are costly this is why a person need to have this part of Medicare insurance because Medicare would be paid the cost of drugs prescript by the doctors.

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